Real estate firm offers free paranormal investigation for prospective homeowners

Real estate firm offers free paranormal investigation for prospective homeowners

Bungalo, a real-estate firm, earlier this week debuted a new, inclusive marketing campaign aimed at giving peace of mind to prospective homeowners afraid of buying a haunted house.

Because “buying a home shouldn’t be scary,” Bungalo’s gone through the trouble of having all of its home listings in the Charlotte, North Carolina area inspected by professional paranormal investigators.

We checked through a bunch of Bungalo’s online home listings and, sure enough, once you sign up for an account to gain access to the documents associated with the homes listed you can view a paranormal inspection report.

So what does a paranormal investigation consist of? A $260 ghost-detecting teddy bear and debunked nonsense about EVPs (ghost noises), mostly. But, in the spirit of Halloween, we’ll indulge the pseudoscience. Because you never know when the impossible might become reality.

The ghost hunters responsible for ensuring that five-bedroom four-bath colonial isn’t raging with demonic forces from the other side are from the Carolina Paranormal Unit. The group’s website is a piece of art.

Sure we know ghosts don’t exist, but do we really know that ghosts don’t exist? What if scientists at MIT’s secret underground ghost-hunting facility (you know it’s there Dean Chandrakasan, stop avoiding my emails) finally proved that poltergeists were real? If you were about to sink your life’s savings into a new home for your family, wouldn’t you want to know if it was haunted?

So far, all the listings we’ve looked at were declared free of evil spirits.

H/t: Charlotte Observer

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