Magic: The Gathering is getting a My Little Pony crossover set

Magic: The Gathering is getting a My Little Pony crossover set

Wizards of the Coast today announced the 22 October launch of its all new My Little Pony crossover card set. Y’all! Princess Twilight Sparkle is coming to M:tG!

Ahem. The three-card, silver-bordered set will be featured along side a My Little Pony-themed play mat and four special card sleeves. It’s only available from 22 October through 5 November – while supplies last – on Hasbro‘s Pulse website.

The cards (obviously not tournament legal) pay homage to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, whose upcoming finale will mark the end of an era in Pony canon. Seriously, don’t sleep on My Little Pony, it’s the Robotech of friendship.

The three cards feature the aforementioned Princess Twilight Sparkle (how is this not a Planeswalker card?), a double-sided card featuring Nightmare Moon and her Princess Luna alter-ego, and Rarity.

If you look at Princess Twilight Sparkle’s action text you’ll notice mention of Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and possibly Fluttershy. IGN tried to pin down Wizards to see if that meant the company planned on releasing a full Pony set at some point… but the company stayed mum on the subject. Here’s hoping a full set pans out.

I’m not sure there’s anything cuter than “Ponies: the Galloping,” as Hasbro‘s calling the crossover, but the best part about the whole event is that all the proceeds go to charity.

While $50 might seem like a bit much for a trio of M:tG cards, some sleeves, and a play mat, 100 percent of the net profits go to Extra Life, a charity that supports the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

If three ponies aren’t enough to sate your desire to destroy enemy Planeswalkers with the magic of friendship, check out this mind-boggling github repository featuring more than 11,000 fan-made My Little Pony cards for Magic: the Gathering. You’re welcome.

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