People are slapping their babies with cheese because internet

People are slapping their babies with cheese because internet
Credit: Facebook / Charles Amara

Very often on the internet, you see videos where you want to laugh, but know you shouldn’t. Or you suddenly do laugh, and then feel immediately guilty afterward.

I saw a video a few days ago (tweeted by @unclehxlmes) of a guy throwing cheese on a baby’s head along with “just cheesed my lil brother.” But it turns out the video was originally posted on one Charles Amara’s Facebook, where @unclehxlmes found it.

You asked for it, here it is! Attack of the cheese Episode 2. He wasn’t happy after this one…

Posted by Charles Amara on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Eight million views later, @unclehxlmes admitted his fraud in a tweet, apologized to the family, and took down his tweet.

But it was too late — the video had already been turned into a viral cheese slapping challenge. By now, thousands of babies’ faces have been flapped with cheese slices.

Some laughed:

Some looked scared:

Some were calmed by the slice:

Most looked apathetic, and a bit confused:

The challenge even spread to adults:

And the definition of “cheese” loosened:

I’m not really sure what to think. I laughed, yes. But I love kids, and I love cheese,  and I hate to see either wasted. While the satisfying “fwap” sound of a moist Kraft single landing on a perfectly bulbous baby scalp is satisfying, it’s also kind of sad. Babies look to us for protection, and, yes, dairy, but not on their face.

Chrissy Teigen sums it up perfectly, as she often does:

Think of the children, people of Twitter. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

(And, this is definitely not an endorsement, but if you wanted to see more of these videos for research purposes and definitely not entertainment, search #cheesechallenge on Twitter.)

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