Google’s new package helps developers use GoLang in cloud apps

Google’s new package helps developers use GoLang in cloud apps

Google unveiled GoLang around eight years ago, and while it’s one of the fastest growing programming languages around, it’s yet to really make any traction outside of a few niche areas. To try and change this state of affairs, Google has just announced Go Cloud — a set of libraries that makes it easier to build cloud-based applications with the Go language.

Go Cloud offers a set of generic APIs for accessing common cloud storage tools, as well as MySQL support, and a more sophisticated web server that includes built-in logging, tracing, and health checking. Right now, the emphasis is on AWS and Google Cloud, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft Azure support later down the line. 

Ultimately, the goal of Go Cloud is to save developers time. Right now, every time they wanted to build a cloud app with Go, they’d have to cobble together existing libraries into some inelegant package, or re-invent the wheel every time. That made it a less attractive option, especially compared to other more mature languages.

And if it ultimately helps to improve adoption of GoLang, I doubt Google will complain.

Google wants Go to become the go-to language for writing cloud apps on TechCrunch

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