Github’s Learning Lab will teach you how to collaborate with code


Github isn’t just where most major open source projects are borne and improved; it’s also a commonly-used tool within commercial software development teams. Now, to help more coders get to speed with Github, the company has launched a “learning lab” which offers an interactive guide to the service.

Using Github effectively isn’t just knowing how to use git (although that’s a major part of it). You’re going to need to write documentation, which means knowing how to use Markdown. The Github Learning Lab covers this, and more.

It also touches on essential skills, like resolving merge requests, to skills that are nice to know, like how to host a website with Github Pages.

There are no shortage of tutorials and screencasts that explore this. What makes the Github Learning Lab special is that it’s interactive. A bot will walk you through each concept, and review your work as you go along.

If you’ve never used Github before, or just want to improve your skills, it’s absolutely worth checking out. You can try the Github Learning Lab here.

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