Design Inspiration: 21 Gorgeous experimental typefaces for your inner designer (August)

Design Inspiration: 21 Gorgeous experimental typefaces for your inner designer (August)

Nearly every designer out there has a strong love for typography. Of course, many of us will never become full-fledged type designers, or even dedicated typographers, but somehow we all still manage to lust for the details of gorgeous type treatments, display and text typefaces.

And out of every genre hidden in the depths of typography, from black letter to grotesque, I have the softest of soft spots for experimental typefaces. They push boundaries, and that’s exactly what keeps this industry alive and well.

And so in that spirit, we’re back with a list of 21 new experimental faces, since gathering 9 in June and 5 particularly wild typefaces in February.

1. Type Fluid Experiment:


2. Lullaby Font:


3. Hecatoncheir Typeface:


4. Bodoni in red:


5. Gothic Sugar:


6. Kilimanjaro:


7. Centennial of the Portuguese Republic:




9. Gaytan Sans & Serif:


10. Barceloneta typeface:


11. Navia Type (free):


12. Floating Calligraphy:


13. Uralita Font:


14. Living Typography:


15. Herbie:


16. Fatalism (free):


17. Kandinsky Type:


18. Architecture Posters:


19. Bonez Font:


20. Typeforce 3:


21. Go Font Design:

We’ve rounded up impressive typefaces before, so you might want to check out the work of Ten Dollar Fonts or these 11 Sexy Script Fonts. If you think we missed something, definitely let us know in the comments below!

Check out our full Design and Dev channel for more inspiration! Also, you can exclusively view typography articles here.

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