Designers: Shipment’s latest update makes reviewing mockups over Dropbox slick and easy

Designers: Shipment’s latest update makes reviewing mockups over Dropbox slick and easy

Following a private beta release back in March, Shipment, the Web app that makes it easy for designers to share their work with clients, has been updated with brand new collaborative features. As we said before, email is one of the most popular ways creatives and clients converse, but unfortunately it wasn’t built for them. Throughout the design process, communicating with clients can be terribly cumbersome, partially because sending designs is such a messy job.

Either the file sizes are too large, or certain formats aren’t compatible. No matter what, there needs to be an effortless way to display your work, with quick download links for everyone involved. Dropbox is a popular choice for designers, and Shipment takes it to the next level.

The release includes a discussion panel with realtime notifications, additional file support and a number of other small changes that help to polish the experience. Note that this update does not bring Shipment out of private beta. Users of the app will see the update here, and those that are interested in getting in early can add their name to the list at the bottom of this page (apparently new users are being added regularly).

As you can see in the video above, this release brings the app into new territory, making it easily competitive with Adobe’s collaboration features baked into Creative Cloud, while remaining a compliment to Dropbox.

You can learn more about it via this link:

➤  Shipment

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