How would you like to design the new Google+ cover photo for Chrome?

How would you like to design the new Google+ cover photo for Chrome?

With the new layout for Google+ Pages rolling out this week, Google is hoping to get the Chrome community involved in designing Chrome’s cover photo. The team is looking for “something new, awesome, and Chrome-y to use on this page.”

If you have a design or image that you’d like to nominate as Chrome’s next cover photo, you can tag +Google Chrome in the image itself or tag your post with #chromecover for the team to pick it up. Now, if you aren’t exactly sure what the new G+ cover photo is, look to this grassy photo as an example.

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To help you get started, the team has provided some hi-res icons for Chrome (, the Chrome Web Store ( and Chromebooks ( &

Aside from the crime of calling Chrome users “#chromies,” this looks like a great little contest to take part in if you’re searching for something to consume the rest of your friday. Google does note that users should “avoid manipulating the colors or proportions of the Chrome logo,” and recommends to “only submit images that you have the rights to use.”

For more, check out the Google+ post!

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