This jQuery plugin allows you to turn any HTML element into a kitten

This jQuery plugin allows you to turn any HTML element into a kitten

Adorable jQuery plugins aren’t exactly my beat, but you know what? It’s friday and high time you geeky developers had some fun. As for everyone else, there’s kittens involved, so you’re welcome to stay too. This is a safe place.

Placekitten is a jQuery plugin that allows you to turn any element into a kitten. As you can see on the demo page, upon clicking a div, you are immediately presented with a fluffy cat for your enjoyment.

According to the official GitHub page, the plugin lets you turn literally any HTML element into a kitten, this includes paragraphs, headers, tables, images, etc. It was created by Adam Howard, also the developer of MacLight.

Believe me when I say that this plugin would already be implemented on our site by now, if doing so would not lead to my ultimate downfall at the hands of our ruler, Zee (jk, he’s awesome).

We’ve spent time covering a few of our favorite jQuery plugins over the past few months on TNW’s Design & Dev channel, and those are also worth a look in the event that non-kitten pursuits also sound appealing to you. Most recently, the Scrollorama plugin lets anyone create an impressive scrolling (parallax) website, and was used for the recently covered and quite impressive site: Inception Explained. A while ago, we covered the crash IE6 plugin, for developers with a grudge, and we also gave the jQuery Lifestream plugin some attention last year.

So what’s on our radar now? Here’s a brief list:

And with that, I wish you a happy friday. Enjoy the kittens!

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