21 Photoshop actions by Bjango to speed up your iOS design workflow

21 Photoshop actions by Bjango to speed up your iOS design workflow

Experienced Photoshop users know how helpful Actions can be to speed up the design process. Actions in Photoshop work by combining multiple repetitive tacks into one easy click. So if you are about to edit a bunch of images in bulk, can save a ridiculous amount of time.

In light of how helpful Actions can be, the killer designers at Bjango have released version 1.1 of their in-house action set, specifically tailored towards an iOS design workflow. Not is this set incredibly useful, they also give a glimpse at the techniques these pros use to create awesome apps.

In case you haven’t heard of Bjango yet, know that the apps that come out of this firm always look incredible (see for yourself). Bjango’s blog is also a credible resource for anyone interested in mobile design.

Out of the 21 actions included, you can expect things like setting global lighting, preventing color management and color blindness testing. The archive also includes Automator Workflows for adding @2x to filenames, removing @2x from filenames and generic file renames.

From Bjango:

Over the last few years I’ve built a small set of Actions that I use daily. They save a bit of time, but more importantly, they remove the need to remember best practices for each step.

Take a peak at all of the actions via the link below and see if they could fit into your workflow. If you aren’t already using Photoshop Actions, but edit and design in Photoshop daily, it’s time to drink the Kool-Aid.

➤  iOS Photoshop Actions & Workflows, by Bjango

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