Behance iPhone App is the ultimate pocket portfolio for creatives

Behance iPhone App is the ultimate pocket portfolio for creatives

Behance, a popular platform for sharing and finding creative work, quietly released its second iPhone app last week, which allows you to effortlessly explore millions of creative projects by some of the world’s most talented designers and artists. It’s first app was Action Method, a powerful task management application.

Will Allen, the head of strategy and operations at Behance, explained to TNW that it had two goals with the design of this app. The first goal is to “provide the best app ever for navigating creative projects, by gallery, field, location, guest curator, and more,” and the second goal is to make the “ultimate pocket portfolio that syncs with your Behance projects.”

On launch, the app allows you to browse the network, view curated galleries and manage your creative projects. The browsing experience is excellent, as most of the navigation quickly fades out of the way as you scroll down individual works. Simply tap to bring the navigation back up, and you can view comments, statistics and the artist’s profile.

All in all, it’s a perfect companion to the actual site, and has real potential as a “pocket portfolio,” though an iPad app would likely be more beneficial for quickly sharing your work with potential clients and employers. Most importantly though, it doesn’t matter if you have internet connection once your personal portfolio has synced with your phone. So, if the internet goes down during an interview (this happens far too often) and you didn’t bring a print copy to showcase your work, you are no longer completely screwed.

Here’s all the key features, from Behance:

– Sync your own Behance portfolio for future display without internet connection.
– Search and explore millions of projects on
– Access your profile, collections, and portfolio statistics.
– Explore portfolios for creatives on LinkedIn, AIGA, AdWeek, SVA, and other Behance-powered sites.
– Browse the award-winning “Served” Galleries for Fashion, Typography, Photography, Digital Art, and more.
– Follow the work by top creatives on Behance and manage your connections.

➤  Behance, via the App Store (free)

For more on Behance, check out the newly launched Student Show, a student only gallery that features the next generation of creative talent. The free service aims to provide design students with the recognition they deserve, while connecting them with their peers and future employers.

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