uTest Express offers real-world mobile app testing for your startup

uTest Express offers real-world mobile app testing for your startup

While over in Tel Aviv earlier this week, one of the startups that caught my eye was uTest. This Israeli firm offers software testing for developers and technology companies via a worldwide network of testers who get paid to help work all the bugs and kinks out of apps.

The company recently launched uTest Express, an affordable solution for early-stage startups that allows them to get real-world professional testing for their mobile apps.

Supporting iPhone; iPad; Android; Blackberry; WP7 and Symbian, startups can sign up and submit their app for testing by suitable people handpicked by uTest from its community. These testers then use the app on real devices and carriers, giving real-world feedback that emulators and remote access testing solutions can’t provide.

Once testing is complete, startups get a list of bugs, including screenshots and videos showing how to reproduce them, plus feedback on interface design, usability, app performance and the like.

The way testers themselves take on jobs is pretty efficient. They are provided with a uTest mobile app that allows them to browse and accept suitable testing jobs, providing feedback straight from the app. Testers are recruited from around the world.

Pricing for uTest Express starts at $499 for a limited number of testers, up to $1999 for a team as large as you need.

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