Adobe demos Photoshop for the iPad

Adobe demos Photoshop for the iPad

Adobe today demoed a version of Photoshop for the iPad that is currently in development at Photoshop World 2011, according to Photography Bay.

While Adobe has released iPad apps such as Photoshop Elements, they lack the power of the company’s flagship desktop application. Photoshop for the iPad intends to bring more of the desktop experience to the tablet. It won’t be nearly as full-featured (and in our opinion, nor should it be), but it should be more than enough for editing photos and creating images for use in blog posts and social media.

Unlike Photoshop Elements for the iPad, the demo app had layers — one of the essential features that separates consumer apps like the infamous Microsoft Paint from professional applications. Layer support is a pretty clear indication that Adobe intends this app to be used by professionals on the go.

Interestingly, the demo showed a feature that looks like a painter’s palette and allows you to mix colors with your fingers. It’s a pretty light-hearted feature for an adaptation of a professional app, but it does cater to the iPad’s utility as a very crude graphics tablet or painting surface.

Adobe hasn’t let slip on release dates, a full feature list, or whether they intend to support other devices at this stage, but it’s worth keeping an eye on in any case.

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