‘Digging into WordPress’ authors share self-publishing experiences

‘Digging into WordPress’ authors share self-publishing experiences

Chris Coyier, co-author of the popular WordPress guide Digging into WordPress with Jeff Starr, has published an article that goes into the many lessons and experiences the duo gained from self-publishing the book. The piece goes into printing, pricing, discounting, affiliate programs, piracy and more.

Chris says of traditional publishing:

“We learned in these talks with publishers that our Step One (write the book), is almost never Step One. Step One is actually get in contact with publishers and work with them from the beginning, from building out the Table of Contents outwards. We quickly learned that in working with any publisher, you gotta play by their rules. They have a process, that process works for them and the authors that choose to work with them. We were very green to this whole process, but we agreed that we didn’t want to work in the confines of someone else’s process. Call us stubborn, but we wanted to do whatever the heck we wanted with this book. And we had the tools to do it. Self publishing it was.”

Check out the piece here. It’s a great insight into how publishing is changing, and how those in the design and development world are doing it.

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