Daily Distraction: The best online tools to master quarantine cooking

Daily Distraction: The best online tools to master quarantine cooking

This lockdown period has been mostly a tale of two rooms for me: My bedroom, which is also where my workplace is set up, and my kitchen. Even while I’m working, I take small breaks and go to the kitchen to make a snack, a cup of tea or coffee, or do some preparation for the upcoming meal.

The kitchen has been thankfully one of those places where I can escape screens and the news cycle that makes you anxious and tired — even if it’s only for a while.

A few weeks ago, my colleague Abhimanyu took over this column and wrote about some fantastic YouTube channels to help you with your quarantine cooking. Today, I’m bringing you some great apps, websites, and tools to make lip-smacking meals:

  • The New York Times has a great website dedicated to cooking with thousands of recipes. Plus, there’s an iPhone app.
  • It might be hard to find all ingredients during quarantine, so you can use tools such as Supercook or Epicurious to make meals out of stuff you have in your fridge.
  • Many talented chefs are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak because restaurants are closing down. You can help them by taking their online classes and paying them some fees.
  • Conde Nast Traveller has a fantastic list of celebrity chefs who’re hosting something cooking classes online including Ugly Delicious’ David Chang and Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski.
  • Like BuzzFeed’s viral food videos? Go to Tasty and learn some simple meals.
  • EatHow lets you cook dishes with the food you already have.

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