Daily Distraction: How to visit museums from the comfort of your home

Daily Distraction: How to visit museums from the comfort of your home

From when I was a kid, I’ve really liked visiting museums. If I’m traveling to a new city, I love to go to a museum that might tell me a story about the place.

However, I’m not that much into art and paintings. So, I can’t really spend hours looking at famous artworks thinking about all the things that are wrong with my life.

I’m a sucker for unusual museums. Last year, during my Euro trip, I loved going to the Sex Machines Museum in Prague and the Spy Museum in Berlin.

So, today’s Daily Distraction is dedicated to museums you can visit while sitting at home.

  • Google Arts & Culture has partnered with 2,500 museums to provide you virtual tours; if you have a tough time picking one, it also has a list of top 10 museums as well.
  • New York’s Metropolitan Opera is streaming a free show every day.
  • The renowned Louvre is offering its own set of virtual tours.
  • Travel & Leisure has a nifty list of social media handles of some cool museums.
  • Go look at the Vatican Museum from the comfort of your couch.

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What’s better than reading about history? Rap battles about history.

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