Daily Distraction: How to watch shows and movies with your friends online

Daily Distraction: How to watch shows and movies with your friends online

I finally did it! I bit the bullet, and watched Tiger King on Netflix. And now I can understand each one of the memes and references about Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic.

It’s a really gripping show, and I’m surely going to read more articles about those colorful characters. However, I really wish I had watched it with my friends, so that I can make fun of silly things.

Alas, this social distancing is cruel that way, and I’m sure you are missing binging sessions with your friends too. So, today, I’m gonna give you some tools, so you can watch shows and movies together online during the lockdown.

  • Netflix party is an awesome and quite popular Chrome extension so that you can watch your favorite shows with your friends.
  • If you want to play videos from your local collection or from YouTube and watch them with others, Kosmi is an excellent tool.
  • Watch Party is a nifty website to watch videos in real-time with others and react with them. You can also create your own watch party with your favorite YouTube videos.
  • Metastream is a cross-platform open-source software you can use to watch YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and more websites with your pals. It also has a nifty chat feature.
  • Rave is an alternative tool for you if you prefer watching stuff on your phone with others while talking or chatting with them.

Video of the day

My colleague Callum posted this evergreen video in our Slack channel. I love this video, and I thank Callum for reminding me of its existence.

Meme of the day

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