Retro Patents let you decorate your wall with the world’s greatest ideas

Retro Patents let you decorate your wall with the world’s greatest ideas

If you’ve got a drab, white-washed bit of wall in desperate need of something eye-catching, you might want to check out Retro Patents.

As you might expect, this lets you to order gorgeous, minimalistic prints of patent designs from the comfort of your own sofa. For just $25, you can adorn your wall with the idea behind the iPhone or the BlackBerry, or services like PayPal or Stripe.

And really, they’re gorgeous.

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Craig Watson, the founder of Retro Patents, explained the inspiration behind the idea: “I think nostalgia is such a strong positive emotion – personally thinking back to products, music or anything with the rose tinted lenses of the past on fills me with happiness. I can remember my first NES sessions with friends, or the first time I used AirBnB.”

“It’s also really interesting to me to see how huge companies started out as super simple products with one core value proposition,” he added.

So, when you’re thinking about your next big idea, with dreams of unicorn status, you can get inspiration from companies that trod a similar path. There are 22 different patent designs available, with orders being shipped from Retro Patent’s printers in Finland and the US.

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