This website is the best way to find beautifully designed products


After Svpply’s closing two years ago there hasn’t been a shortage of alternatives for the popular shopping website.

With Repick it’s easy to find great looking, well-designed products. Within minutes of browsing their website I got dangerously close to buying this hazy clock, a cute kitty LED light and a NASA logo t-shirt.

That doesn’t mean it has no competition. There’s Very Goods, there’s Canopy and Amazon has its own Interesting Finds. However, Repick tries to be different in a few ways.


For example, instead of being based on the choices of the community, Repick has a team of experts working to select products for their website. Also, they’re not exclusive to Amazon — a website almost every product curation website sticks to because of their referral system.

It’s hard to say if these will be good or bad things in the long run, but I know where I’m getting my Christmas presents.

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