ShitPostBot 5000 is the bright, automated future of meme creation


It’s not just our jobs that are at risk of being stolen by robots; in the year 2016 even our creative pursuits are being automated.

If you pride yourself on creating the dankest memes around, watch out — ShitpostBot 5000 is here to show you up. The combination of a website and Facebook page is an experiment in automated meme making that’s trying to push the boundaries of internet culture creation.

Here’s how it works: Users upload pictures and meme templates to the accompanying website for the posts to be created. These are then randomly matched and uploaded every 30 minutes to the Facebook page.

The images are put together at random, but our minds tend to see connections even when they’re not intended to be there. So somehow, the results are still funny to us:

According to the website’s statistics, there are around 767,764,105,401,213,310,386,123,812,187,930,624 waiting to be made with all currently uploaded content — so be sure to stick around.

The Daily Dot on ShitpostBot 5000

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