25 of our favorite typefaces released in April

25 of our favorite typefaces released in April

A new month, a whole new bunch of typefaces to drool over. Scroll down to see which typefaces stood out the most in April. Keep going and you’ll find our March issue.

Linotype: Neue Haas Unica


Neue Haas Unica is an extended, reimagined version of the Haas Unica design, a Helvetica alternative that achieved near mythical status in the type community before it virtually disappeared.

YouWorkForThem: Cinderblock


Cinderblock was designed to achieve maximum vertical coverage of any given surface.

Lián Types: Indie


Indie is a smooth brush script containing five styles.

Mostardesign: Chronica Pro


Chronica Pro is a contemporary font family focusing on balance and quality.

Laura Worthington: Adorn Smooth


Adorn Smooth provides a suite of distinctive typeface designs designed to complement each other rather than match exactly.

Jan Fromm: Komet Pro


Komet is a sturdy typeface with a calm and upright feel.

FontFont: FF Eggo


FF Eggo breaks the mould in terms of flexibility and italics.

Kimmy Design: Burford Rustic


Burford Rustic is the weathered and textured alternative to the Burford family.

Suitcase Type Foundry: Pacifista


Pacifista — straight lines, regular arcs and purity of drawing facilitate maintaining the maximum possible legibility.

Production Type: Trianon


Replete with useful function for editorial design, including old style and lining figures, ornaments which fit each font’s contrast and weight, and a large range of weights.

Insigne: Solitas


Solitas is an ideal equilibrium of compact dimensions and geometric underpinnings.

Jakob Runge: Cera Pro


Cera Pro is a good companion for setting clean text and headlines for print and screen.

DSType: Jules


Jules is a type system for extremely big sizes.

Thomas Jockin: Azote


Azote is a multiline typeface family that adds lines for weight.

TipoType: Amelia Rounded


Amelia Rounded is a geometric sans with the softness of humanistic strokes.

Font Bureau: Antenna Serif


Antenna Serif weighs in at 56 styles making it a versatile performer.

The Northern Block: Webnar


Webnar is a modern geometric sans serif created with information and technology in mind.

Atlas Font Foundry: Heimat Display


Heimat Display combines an idiosyncratic appearance with the feeling of a grid–based letter construction of the late 20s.

FontFont: FF Aad


FF Aad is a modern sans serif typeface with a humanist character.

Latinotype: Go Gipsy


Go Gipsy is inspired by a magical journey – full of love, art and nature – through the Mexican Caribbean.

TypeTogether: Alverata


Alverata is inspired by the shapes of romanesque capitals and inscriptions of the 11th and 12th centuries, without being a close imitation of them.

Coppers And Brasses: Canal


Canal is inspired by the blue collar, hard working people of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Bureau Roffa: Proza Display


Proza Display was made to function especially well at large sizes, drawing the reader’s attention with its beautiful and slightly eccentric shapes.

Manuel Viergutz: Hand Stamp Swiss Rough


Hand Stamp Swiss Rough is a rough and dirty sans with authentic stamp look.

Coppers And Brasses: Double


Double is an exploration in extremes.

TypeType: Inters


Inters is a very strict and rhythmic font, but at the same time very sensual and emotional.

Mika Melvas: Sivellin


Sivellin is an elegant brush script with a lots of alternates, swashes and small caps.

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