Meerkat launches public beta on Android

Meerkat launches public beta on Android

The arrival of Twitter’s Periscope live-streaming video app, directly on the heels of an impressive debut for the tiny startup Meerkat, seemed at first to signal a death knell for the company that first took personal mobile streaming video to the masses.

Not so fast. The tiny upstart that generated the big buzz has announced that not only is it heading to the Android platform (as it promised), but that an Android beta is now available for people to try out, Mashable reports.

If you’re interested, just fill in the Google form to request access.

While arguably, the buzz surrounding the launch of Meerkat on iOS might have been a tad overwrought — it looks like the feisty company has dug in its heels and is pushing for the long haul.

Periscope too is likely to migrate to Android as well, but the timetable is unknown.

➤ It’s official: Meerkat is finally coming to Android [Meerkat]

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