CamFind visual search app for iPhone and Android now features a social network

CamFind visual search app for iPhone and Android now features a social network

CamFind, a visual search app that can identify, define and even shop for nearly any object you can snap with your digital camera, has launched an upgrade that will put you in touch with your fellow searchers.

An update, released today, features a new social network function that not only lets you photograph the objects around you but also lets you share that physical environment with others in the app’s real time image feed. This presentation lets users interact with photos by starring the images they like or liking favorites with a heart.

The Live feed lets you scan photos in real time from a universe of users worldwide, while the Popular image feed lets you view the most popular images — ones that received the most hearts or stars. You can also save images taken with the app’s camera, if you choose.


CamFind was already a powerful app, able to identify anything from landmarks to movie posters, and even specific dog breeds, all from a smartphone photo, with users instantly receiving relevant Web results.

The southern California company also recently launched its own public CloudSight API, which specializes in analyzing images (as opposed to text) to assist with searching. Both app and API employ deep learning, a technology that “learns” over time and from its mistakes by simulating certain brain functions.

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