Polyvore Remix app for iPhone seeks to be your personal stylist

Polyvore Remix app for iPhone seeks to be your personal stylist

Going to work? Or maybe out on a date? Who said pulling together the right outfit was easy?

If you’re not one of those women who have an innate sense of style (some people do, and I don’t know how they manage it), Polyvore has released a new iOS app called Remix that’s there to help you look like you threw together that nifty outfit all by yourself.

Polyvore is a community site and app where you can express your own sense of style and share your ideas with others. The company is positioning Remix as a daily “outfit inspiration” app that helps you discover what’s trending and gives you inspiration for how to style any item you choose – whether its a pair of jeans, a leather jacket or strappy sandals.

polyvore remix

There are three basic sections on the app: Trending, Find and My Faves. These categories are pretty self-explanatory – Trending lets you discover what’s hot, Find lets you search for new fashion items and My Faves are for outfits you’d like to revisit.

The app also aims to help you pick out pieces from your closet and find ways to revamp them to match today’s current trends. By selecting different items from your closet, you’ll get suggestions on colors and accessories to create a brand new outfit suitable for whatever’s currently in trend. Hit the Remix button and you’ll also get a randomized outfit recommendation.

Polyvore Remix will launch by invitation-only, but the first 100 TNW readers can download the app by entering access code 033175.

Polyvore Remix [iOS]

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