Hang w/ now lets you add artistic filters to your live-streamed broadcasts

Hang w/ now lets you add artistic filters to your live-streamed broadcasts

Hang w/, a social video streaming app that lets you broadcast live and concurrently chat with friends and followers, now features filters to enhance your videos. If you’ve ever felt left out of the filter game à la Instagram — or thought that your video would truly benefit from a different look — Hang w/ can get you into that creative groove.

The platform’s new version offers five filters to choose from: Hang w/ blue; Sepia; Colorburst; 8-bit and Blob. Users can adjust filters before or during a broadcast by selecting the filter tab and flipping through the various options to preview how the video will look.

The new filters are available only in the iOS version at the moment, but they will arrive on Android in about a week, the company says.


In addition to adding filters to live videos, you can also use the new Save to Phone feature to preserve your videos after the live broadcast ends.

Hang w/ lets users “hang with” each other via live-streaming video and chat. If you follow people, the app notifies you when that person starts a live broadcast so you can tune in.

Hang w/ was created to counter the increasingly professional and corporate nature of social networking. But Hang w/ can still mean business for you. Hang w/ is free to use as it allows advertisers to show ads before and after broadcasts. Ads that appear on the screen during the broadcast earn users a share of the app’s revenue.

Hang w/ [iOS] or [Android]

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