Transform your Instagram photos into mini tattoos and pocket printed albums

Transform your Instagram photos into mini tattoos and pocket printed albums

Are you addicted to Instagram and want to wear your favorite photos on your sleeve — ok, maybe on your arm or hand —INK361 has a way to do that.

Founded as a company that lives and breathes Instagram, INK361 today released Picattoo, a service that lets you create temporary tats from the photos in your Instagram account.

Available worldwide, the service offers another way for people to have fun with their pictures. The move also signals a shift in the company’s focus toward the US market.


It’s easy to obtain temporary image transfers that make up the tattoos. Log into Instagram through, select 12 images to print and place your order. Picattoos are printed on high-quality tattoo transfer paper and will last for up to a week. They come in a pack of 12 ready-to-use tattoos.

INK361 launched in 2011 as an Instagram Web Interface allowing users to print, access, comment, like, organize, follow and share all of their Instagram photos on any computer, and has since branched out into printing services.


On the more traditional printing side, the company also today launched FastBook, a service for creating printed albums derived from photos on Instagram.

FastBooks are created from premium quality photo paper — as opposed to paper or card stock — with a matte or glossy finish and black or white cover. At 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10 cm) these mini-Instagram albums can fit in your pocket. To get started, log in to your social media account through and select up to 49 photos to include in the book. FastBooks come in 24-page ($14.95) and 48-page volumes ($23.95).


Both Picattoo and FastBook are available worldwide with free shipping.

➤ INK361

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