Hands on: Flickr for iPad — it’s like the iPhone app, only larger

Hands on: Flickr for iPad — it’s like the iPhone app, only larger

Do you know how to use the Flickr app for iPhone? If the answer is yes, then you already know how to use the brand new Flickr for iPad, which hit the app store today.

The new app, for iOS 8 on both the iPhone and the iPad, allows the app to feature the new operating system’s sharing extension as well as streamlined search functionality.

Flickr for iPad has been a long time coming, but now that it’s here, there are few surprises. It’s everything the iPhone app is, only writ large and vastly easier to see and operate.

Apply filters as you shoot or later to edit.

Once you launch the app and sign in, many of the same functions — from viewing your own or your friends’ photos and albums to checking notifications, or the explore and search tabs — are readily available in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Like the iPhone version, there’s a camera for awkward picture-taking with your tablet, and just like the iPhone app’s built-in camera, you can tap with two fingers to set focus and exposure independently.

flickr 3
Cool info pane

Familiar controls such as auto fix, crop, filters, and straighten are self explanatory. Separate controls for brightness, contrast, exposure, white balance, levels and sharpen all appear under one tab. Of course, these same adjustments can be applied to any image in your Camera Roll as well as new images you shoot with the app.

Full suite of editing tools that are easy to see and use.

For any photo you see, you can tap the star to favorite, write a comment or view the info screen with its elegant line drawings. Then share on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

If you like Flickr for iPhone, then you will like Flickr for iPad. It’s easy to use straightaway and without a learning curve.

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