Evernote offers a free safe haven for Fotopedia images

Evernote offers a free safe haven for Fotopedia images

Last week came the stunning news that famed travelogue site Fotopedia was shutting down as of August 10. Apart from the shock and dismay that announcement generated, other practical concerns emerged — such as how and where contributors to the site would retrieve and safeguard their images from Fotopedia’s servers.

With some three days left before deadline, Evernote has announced that photographers can now sync their Fotopedia account with Evernote. They can go to a Fotopedia/Evernote page on the site to add images to their account before the shutdown occurs. There is no charge for this service.

“This is a Fotopedia importer into Evernote. I started working on this after the announcement and just finished testing and deploying this morning,” said Evernote developer advocate Matt Carroll. “Traffic is still early and I’m trying to get the word out now to help the more casual users of Fotopedia that may not want to go to the trouble of downloading and keeping track of the zipped HTML files Fotopedia is providing now.”

In addition, Carroll says Evernote runs text recognition on all images to help photographers search for text within images. Evernote is flexible about bandwidth and the company has no limits for long-term storage. “If photos are very large format, a user can upgrade to Evernote Premium if needed,” Carroll said. “Photographers have many options, and Evernote is a great place for collecting and presenting their work.”

The active forum on Fotopedia has also posted a list of possible alternative venues.

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