Play an adorable pixel art recreation of Star Trek

Play an adorable pixel art recreation of Star Trek

If you love Star Trek, you’ll love Pixel Trek, a recreation of the beloved TV series in adorable, playable pixel art.

Pixel Trek is a small web-based game that allows you to explore the Spaceship Enterprise freely. The Pixel Trek website boasts that you can “explore areas and angles that were not shown on the tv show” and that many of the characters are in the game, even those that died off during the TV series.

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The game isn’t an officially sanctioned one, with the website pointing out that no rights were acquired to the show and that the developer just likes Star Trek and Pixel Art so built the game as a “private project.”

It’s not clear who is behind Pixel Trek other than the name ‘Daniel’ but the recreation is beautifully designed and fun to play. The game is a work in progress and is likely to be improved over time, too, but even features saving/loading to continue where you left off.

All you’ll need is Adobe Flash to play Pixel Trek (so sadly it won’t work on iOS devices).

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