Humble’s Conquer COVID-19 Bundle offers some kickass games for charity

Humble Bundle Conquer COVID Coronavirus
Credit: Humble

Humble joins the gaming industry’s efforts to aid coronavirus relief, in this case by offering a massive bundle of games for $30, all of which will go to charities providing COVID-19 relief. It’s a frighteningly small price to pay considering you get so many great games in return.

The charities benefiting from the Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle include Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health, and Direct Relief. Says Humble on the bundle page: “In the wake of COVID-19 and its effects around the world, we’ve teamed up with a team of developers, publishers, and creators to bundle a care package of much-needed funds to support organizations responding to the pandemic and its consequences.”

According to Humble, the full price of all the content is $1,071. It’s worth noting Humble allows you to set a custom price on its bundles — so if you’re feeling generous and want to contribute directly to the relief efforts while still getting a little something for yourself, you could pay the full price for those games while checking out. According to the Top Contributors section, several buyers have paid in excess of four figures.

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I mean, if nothing else, get it because the games in the bundle fucking rock. We’re talking PsychonautsBrütal LegendUndertaleHollow KnightSuperhot… that’s quite enough awesome content to keep any gamer occupied for months, especially for only a $30 price tag. I’m pretty sure I paid more than that for both of the first Darksiders games, which are also included in this bundle by the way.

And even if the games don’t attract you by themselves, the bundle also includes several books and comics. The latter includes The BoysFairy TailSaga, and Spawn — bit of a motley collection, but still pretty good. The ebooks include a few selections on mindfulness and programming. It even includes Music Maker EDM Edition, for some reason, along with a free month of Humble’s Choice subscription service. There’s not really a theme here, but that’s okay — the point is to have a sufficiently awesome reward for giving to charity, and hopefully induce some to give more than the bargain-basement asking price.

The offer ends on Tuesday, April 7.

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