There’s now a way to stay informed on Presidential Executive Orders through the use of AI

There’s now a way to stay informed on Presidential Executive Orders through the use of AI

I’m going to start this off by saying that typically, I stay away from all things politics. Is it right? Debatable, but at the end of the day, I never feel equipped to have those difficult discussions. For one, it’s a massive conversation to have – there are so many moving pieces that many of us simply can’t comprehend, but on top of that, it’s just super difficult to find and interpret facts on subjects such as Executive Orders.

Yes, you can search them and read them in all of their wordy glory, or read an opinionated article that typically has bias, but what if you just have questions about a particular order or the ramifications a new Executive Order means for you and your family? That’s a lot more difficult to figure out and it usually ends with frustration and defeat.

Now there’s an AI available to everyone that can answer these questions for you. And while anything can have bias, even an AI with bad programming, using this new service from noHold is a great way to get straight-to-the-point answers and facts without having to sacrifice hours of your day digging through articles and government PDFs. Maybe Carol in the office has been spewing some nonsense and you need to drop some knowledge on her after your lunch break – Albert the AI can help you with that.

Albert, at its core, is a service that can be used by SMBs and big business (and even individuals) to quickly set up chatbots to help in many applications around the office from customer service to procedure. Albert in the House is a personality of the Albert AI that has been set up to solely focus on Presidential Executive Orders. Launch it, ask your question or paste the Exec Order you’re interested in and Albert will do its best to give you the information you desire. Also, considering the fact that the AI is using Natural Language Processing and an Inference Engine, noHold (the company behind Albert) is making sure its service doesn’t have any political bias when users are asking questions or asking for explanations.

When Forbes talked to Diego Ventura, CEO of noHold, about their motivations to create a political AI experience he told them, “We felt it was our civic duty to take our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and use it to empower people with uncensored knowledge that can be used to benefit the country.”

Is the service perfect? Definitely not and Albert in the House had some issues when asking questions I felt pretty basic, but if you have questions about a specific order, then Albert is well-equipped to answer those questions. Considering AI gets smarter as it is used, and this service just launched today, it is also quite possible that Albert will continue to learn and be able to one day answer some of the questions I asked.


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