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Every story on Xiaomi. Entering the market in 2011, Xiaomi is a privately owned Chinese smartphone manufacturer. It also produces other electronics such as notebooks and IoT devices. The company is headquartered in Beijing.

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  • Xiaomi claims its new wireless charger can juice up your phone in 19 minutes

    I honestly can't wait for the cable-free life of wireless charging. However, most wireless chargers juice up phones at around 10W, and that's simply not enough. Thankfully, companies are making strides towards working on faster wireless charging tech. Xiaomi showed off its new wireless charging tech today that can charge up a phone with a 4,000 mAh battery in just 19 minutes. The 80W charger can charge 10% of the battery in just 1 minute and 50% ...

  • Xiaomi's Mi Watch Revolve is feature-rich, but riddled with bugs

    Xiaomi Mi Band has been one of the most popular wearables in India. When its fifth edition launched in the country a few days ago, it evolved from a bare minimum "fitness band" to a smart tracker. Still, it remains a band, and its functionality was limited to it due to the size ...

  • Xiaomi's Mi Smart Speaker is bass-heavy and surprisingly inexpensive

    Amazon Echo and Google Nest (formerly known as Google Home) have mostly dominated the smart speaker space in India. These speakers are not exactly cheap by domestic standards in India. You’d have to spend anywhere between ₹3,500 ($47.50) to ₹5,000 ($68) to get their smallest speakers ...

  • Xiaomi's $22 Redmi band is a first step to fitness — literally

    I've been exercising regularly during this pandemic. Honestly, that's the only thing I've been regular at and I haven't needed an app or a fitness band to remind me to work out. However, since I'm at home all the time, I'm not clocking as many steps. And since I started using Xioami's Redmi ...

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