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All the stories we have on Snapchat. Starting life as a student project by founders Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown named "Picaboo", the image-based social media app has evolved to host a variety of image and video-based media, including TV shows exclusively produced for the platform.

The latest articles around Snapchat

  • Snapchat to test unskippable ads because money is nice

    It's a banner week for Snapchat. The company has announced a new version of its Spectacles which appear to be an improvement on the original. It's also shown off Snappables, AR games you can play with friends. In between that news, however, it's come to light the company is also going ...

  • Snapchat taps community creativity with user-built face Lenses

    A few months after Snapchat opened its Lens Studio, allowing anyone to make their own versions of the app's augmented reality filters -- the company today announced it's now allowing its users to make their own face Lenses, a.k.a. the ones Snapchat is famous for. When the Studio ...

  • BlackBerry's going after Snapchat now. Who's next?

    If you're a social media service, then you might want to lock your doors, because it looks like BlackBerry is on the hunt. Its most recent target: Snapchat. BlackBerry's first target was Facebook, which it claimed was ripping off messaging tech it'd patented years ago. Now the ...

  • Snapchat introduces Mentions and Group Video Calls

    Snapchat today announced it was bringing two new features to the app which boost its credibility as a social experience: Group Video Calls and Mentions. Group Video Calls function about the way you'd expect. When you're part of a group, you tap the video icon to start a video call. ...

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