Watch Tesla Model S P85D’s lightning-quick acceleration prevent an accident

When we think about Tesla, the conversation often tips toward Autopilot, its self-driving feature. Less discussed, but equally impressive, are the numerous features that might just save your life while you’re piloting the car.

Tesla owner Jason Hughes captured one of these moments. The video above was captured on a rear-mounted dashcam on Hughes’ Model S P85D — the fastest four-door production car on the planet. In the video, we see a distracted driver that hasn’t yet realized Hughes had slowed for a left turn. The scenario plays out numerous times daily and almost certainly spells rear-end collision.

The P85D, however, is capable of accelerating 0-60 in a mere 3.2 seconds. While it’s fun to talk about and probably even cooler to drive, the instant acceleration of the car’s electronic motor seems to have saved Hughes from an accident.

Unlike gas-powered engines, Tesla’s electronic motor is capable of providing torque instantly once the driver hits the accelerator. It’s this torque that allowed the Tesla to scoot out of danger before getting rear-ended.

via TechCrunch

Tesla P85D Instant acceleration saves the day on YouTube

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