Motorola XOOM WiFi hits Canada in April

Motorola XOOM WiFi hits Canada in April

It was announced today by Motorola Mobility Canada that the XOOM (WiFi) tablet will be hitting Canadian retailer shelves at the beginning of April.

Motorola’s XOOM is powered by Android 3.0 and sports a 10.1” HD widescreen display, two cameras (rear-facing 5MP, front-facing 2MP), 1 GHZ dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and unlike the iPad, it supports Adobe Flash.

Considering that we’re hearing loads of rumours about iPad 2 stockouts, it will be interesting to see whether this will affect XOOM sales. However, iOS seems to be dominating the Canadian market. Apple’s iOS was reported to have reached 77 percent of the OS market share back in February, leaving Android with only 8 percent.

Canada Mobile OS

On a side note, released a report this month that stated globally, the Android OS overtook the Canadian-based manufacturer RIM worldwide. Based on Statcounter’s research Android climbed to 15.2 percent followed by BlackBerry at 14.5 percent.

Big box retailers in Canada such as the Future Shop have already begun accepting pre-orders priced at $599 for the tablet. Would you purchase a XOOM over an iPad 2? Please post your thoughts/reasons in the comments.

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