Slacker Radio is now unlimited for Canadian listeners

Slacker Radio is now unlimited for Canadian listeners

Slacker Radio, an Internet radio service available on a wide variety of mobile handsets including Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile 7, is now offering their service unlimited to Canadians for free.

Since Slacker Radio launched last year, Canadians were limited to a free 30 day trial that required Canucks to upgrade for $3.99 after the first month. So this new announcement means the free version no longer expires –it’s unlimited.

The Slacker Radio service brings users millions of songs by thousands of artists that stream directly through the mobile app. Listeners can browse over 130 programmed radio stations to discover new music or even create their own personalized stations.

“Turning Canada on to personal radio earlier this year was a giant milestone and the ability to expand the free Slacker Radio experience beyond the 30-day trial period is another exciting step forward” – Jonathan Sasse, SVP of Marketing.

This recent news for Canadians followed a string of new announcements made at CES 2011 including the unveiling of a new iPad app slated to hit the Canadian app store soon. Slacker radio apps will also now be available on Nokia smartphones and Verizon 4G LTE Mobile Broadband smartphones.

One of its coolest updates is on-demand music. Slacker Radio will now give users on-demand streaming that allows users to choose music from the Slacker Radio libraries. This is a big change from the previous format where users selected radio stations and let Slacker Radio choose the tracks for you. On demand will however be limited to those who purchase paid subscriptions. And lastly, the new iPad app will support the on-demand update, artist bios and images, full lyrics and full-size album art within a gorgeous interface.

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