HootSuite for BlackBerry Public Beta & HootSuite for iPad Coming This Week!

HootSuite for BlackBerry Public Beta & HootSuite for iPad Coming This Week!

We’re big fans of HootSuite here at TNW. When we’re tweeting from our main @thenextweb Twitter account, we often say we’re hooting…so it’s no surprise that we try to keep a close on them. Last week all the mobile apps for HootSuite went free, this week HootSuite has declared it is Mobile Fest with mobile app announcements and releases all week long!

First up is the release of the public beta of HootSuite for BlackBerry devices:

First up, meet the long awaited, much anticipated, HootSuite BlackBerry. Loyal BlackBerry fans have eagerly been testing the private beta version for over a month now, and  now, the public beta drops for all to enjoy. Worth the wait with Twitter and Facebook plus a backwards and forwards compatibility to fit your ‘berry.

You can grab the app right now from HootSuite.

What I’m really waiting for, however, is HootSuite for iPad. Now that’s and app worth waiting for. I’ve been using (and liking) the native Twitter app on my iPad, but I think that if HootSuite and pull off a nice, multi-column view on the iPad, it’s going to be a winner. TweetDeck’s iPad offering hasn’t worked out well for me (it has been very crashy), but HootSuite…

If all these app goodies aren’t enough, HootSuite wants to send you free stuff. All you need to do is send them a post card saying how HootSuite helps you (they want you to start with “HootSuite helps me…”) and 10 lucky folks will get a prize pack with HootSuite schwag and some limited edition stickers! All the details are in their blog post (always remember the details).

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