There’s still one thing Instagram can’t copy from Snapchat

There’s still one thing Instagram can’t copy from Snapchat

For all the doom and gloom surrounding post-IPO Snapchat, the company has one thing Instagram hasn’t been able to copy: its loyal userbase.

According to mobile analytics company App Annie, Snapchat’s 60 million daily active users offer advertisers a unique opportunity to reach users not visiting other platforms. 35-percent of Snapchat’s users aren’t visiting Facebook on the same day(s) it checks Snapchat, while 46-percent aren’t found on Instagram. For Google, it’s more of the same: 61-percent of Snapchat’s daily active users aren’t watching YouTube videos.

Google and Facebook are the world’s largest ad platforms, and it’s not close. A recent report suggests the two combine for one-fifth of global ad revenue. But for advertisers, Snapchat offers reach not found on either of the two go-to spots for advertisers.

And this is something even Instagram can’t copy.

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