Companies can now ‘build their own university’ with Coursera for Business

Companies can now ‘build their own university’ with Coursera for Business

Coursera is launching a new initiative called ‘Coursera for Business,’ which allows companies to use the platform for continuing education.

Boasting over 1,400 courses in 150 specializations, Coursera has already partnered with BNY Mellon, Boston Consulting Group, L’Oréal and Axis Bank to let employees learn remotely. Those companies can choose which disciplines they want to make available to employees, too.

“We believe in learning for all, and our goal is to touch 100% of L’Oréal’s employees every year whether they work in our corporate offices or one of our factories,” said Laurent Reich, L’Oréal’s Governance and Digital Learning Director. “In order to achieve that, we aim for 50% of an employee’s development time to happen through digital or self-directed learning. We love that the Coursera platform will allow us to provide a breadth of high quality programs and a learning experience that our employees can self-select into to drive their own personal development.”

Coursera allows its users to start with a single course, and broaden their scope to earn an accredited degree or specialization, which is co-branded by a university.

In addition to education, Coursera for Business lets companies track an employees progress, and has centralized billing as well as group communication features. There are also reporting and tracking tools available so companies can measure the impact a course has on an employee’s development.

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