Nameo: the End of Businesscards?

Nameo: the End of Businesscards?

We are very proud to launch our first Apple iPhone App today: Nameo

Nameo (website) is a virtual business card exchanger for the iPhone. It will allow you to exchange your business card with one click with any iPhone users who also installs Nameo.

A lot of people have been waiting for this App for a long time. More recently Michael Arrington from Techcrunch quoted blogger/venture capitalist Fred Wilson who wished for a vCard exchange app:

“one of the other things Fred requested in his post was a way to handshake two mobile phones and share contact info. A decade ago we could do this with the Palm V. I can’t wait to do the same with my iPhone.”

Tapulous, the company behind bestsellers Tap Tap Revenge and Twinkle briefly released an AddressBook replacement a few months ago which would allow you to exchange information with another iPhone by shaking two iPhones at the same time. They pulled the App within hours after releasing it because it apparently didn’t work and never submitted it back again. Others companies working on similar ideas are My name is E and iCard App. All those projects aren’t live yet though and we are very proud to be the first to offer this functionality throught the App store.

We decided not to wait for Tapulous and built our own unique solution. No shaking here but a simple click on the big green ‘Connect’ button will show you who else near you has clicked the “Connect” button. After you give permission to the person you want to connect with to retrieve your information, and they do the same, you can exchange vCards.

The App is really simple to use and we expect to sell a lot of them. We are also working on version 0.2 which will show a bit more information during the connect sequence and will allow you to enter more information about yourself in your vCard.

We are also working on Nameo versions for the Blackberry, Android, Nokia and other phones. If you want to know about those or have suggestions for other platforms leave a comment here.

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