Google Play now has dark mode — here’s how to turn it on

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I get it when it comes to WhatsApp, Messenger, Gmail and Instagram, but you must be an absolute specimen of a human to want to enable dark mode on Google Play.

But it turns out there’s enough specimens out there for the Big G to implement a dark theme for its mobile software distribution platform. The company announced dark mode is now available for all Android devices — so we might as well go over the steps how you can turn it on.

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It’s actually pretty simple:

  • Open Google Play and head to Settings.
  • In Settings, navigate to the Theme menu.

  • Select Dark (or System Default if you’ve already turned on Dark Mode system-wide from the Android settings).
  • You’re done.

If you were hoping to protect your eyes with dark mode, I feel it’s my responsibility to bring it to your attention that researchers have found dark themes aren’t as good as you think.

Still, if you just prefer the look — then go for it.

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