Slack made it easier to add custom emoji, here’s how

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Using Slack can get a bit tedious when you’re in front of the screen the whole day. That’s why, at TNW, we add custom emojis to slack to make it more fun. We’ve added tons of new emojis including some of my colleagues, Mix, Mar, and Gigi.

Jealous? Now you want your own emoji in your team’s slack too, right? I’ve got your back covered. Here’s how to make your very own emoji:

  • Open the Slack on your desktop (app/website).
  • Click on your team’s workspace name, and then click on Customize Slack.
  • On the next window, click on ‘Add Customized Emoji’.
  • Upload the image you want to make into an emoji, and assign it a shortcut phrase to display it in Slack.
  • Click Save.

I just added a Keanue emoji using this method, because it makes everything better.

Why don’t you add some new emoji to your Slack and tweet @ us?

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