This site checks if your Cyber Monday Amazon purchase is a good deal

This site checks if your Cyber Monday Amazon purchase is a good deal

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If your bank account isn’t completely decimated after Black Friday, you’ll be glad to know it’s Cyber Monday! But before you drop your credit card details down and splurge on some new toys, you should know something: most of those deals are anything but.

According to Which?’s analysis of the UK Black Friday sales, 87 percent of the products on offer were actually cheaper or the same price at other times of the year.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to tell if you’re getting a bum deal. There’s a site called Camel Camel Camel which lets you look at the historical pricing of items on Amazon.

If a deal catches your eye, just copy the link into this site, and it’ll show you how much its price has changed over time. In addition to charting the price trajectory, it also tells you the current, highest, and lowest price for the item.

It’s a handy little tool. Camel Camel Camel will let the most vigilant shoppers discern what’s a real bargain, and what’s best avoided.

It’s worth noting that the site only tracks products listed on Amazon, and only in a handful of markets. Sorry Indian shoppers, this one isn’t for you. Check below for the full list of Amazon regions supported:

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