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Mark Kychma

Mark Kychma is a partner at London based MAKTIG VC. The company invested in numerious online projects, Links2.Me, Sincere.ly, That-Is.Me, to mention a few. Throughout his extensive international career Mark chose to focus on cutting edge technologies. In 2002 he received a post doctorate degree from Eindhoven University of Technology where he worked as a research assistant. Later in 2007 he gained MBA degree in finance from Rotterdam School of Management. Mark is also a managing partner at Brands-and-Jinlges, an online branding advisory, which among other things manages digital assets for VIP clients. Mark Kychma is a great fan of short and jingly brands and is backing projects such as Ideal.Me, Healthify.Me, and Unwind.Me. He can be contacted via http://sincere.ly/yours/mark/#contacts.