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Evan Reas

Evan Reas is the co-founder and chief executive of Circle Inc. Together with Shubham Mittal, Reas co-founded Circle to help people find the best local information and news available anywhere, anytime. Prior to Circle, Reas earned his MBA from Stanford Business School, where he was one of the youngest graduates in the school’s history. During his time at Stanford, Reas worked with a venture capital company in South Africa and contributed to a team that invented a corn husker device, eventually selling it to thousands of Ethiopian farmers. Reas graduated valedictorian of his class from Ohio Wesleyan University and studied abroad in rural Kenya doing HIV research and wildlife conservation. While there, immersion in the local community led him to earning the title of honorary samburu warrior. Born and raised in the small farm town of Ashton, Wisconsin, Reas began his working career at the local church fish fry and started investing in the stock market at 12 years old. When he’s not working on melding online networks with real-world connections, he can be found playing ultimate frisbee.