Bionic Eye: Augmented Reality App for the iPhone

Bionic Eye: Augmented Reality App for the iPhone

4Dutch start-up Layar has been getting a lot of praise for their Augmented reality app lately. Unfortunately you had to own an Android phone to try it out.

Now iPhone users can play around with augmented reality too.

Available now in the Apple store for a dollar is Bionic Eye. It does a lot of what you have seen before and would hope for in an Augmented reality app.

Here are some details about how the application works:

– Vertical position: 360-degree view of all POI nearby your location, updated in real time as you walk in the streets.
– Horizontal position: List of all nearest POI. When a POI is selected, a blue arrow (compass) is displayed to show the direction and the distance to that POI.
– The application is fully compatible with Google Maps. It is possible to locate the nearest POI from your position on Google Map within the application.

There are versions for the US, UK, France and Tokyo with more countries and cities following soon. Here are the links to the App store where you can download the app:

Bionic Eye
Bionic Eye UK
Bionic Eye France
Bionic Eye Tokyo

And a video demo to get you in the mood:

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