We Are Hunted update makes music discovery even easier

We Are Hunted update makes music discovery even easier

We Are Hunted, the super cool online music chart, has just revamped its service with a bunch of new features.

First new feature off the block is Discovery.

While the basic functionality of the site helps you discover music that the Internet is currently buzzing about, the new Discovery feature helps you find music that you like.

In a few simple steps you can enable Last.fm like functionality and get your own custom playlist.

Speaking of Last.fm, you can also connect your WeAreHunted profile to that site to get your music preferences from WeAreHunted linked.

Next are new community features. This includes info on popular charts, most shared tracks, active users etc. to make it easier to find music based on people similar to you.

On top of these 2 big changes you can also find other new stuff, like:

  • Style your personal chart
  • Help other people discover new music
  • Better artist bios with news, tweets and gigs
  • Apps for more ways to experience We Are Hunted
  • Tighter Facebook / Twitter integration


Also, it should be noted that now when you’re logged in, what you play is shared through your public profile with other WeAreHunted users.

In a very non-FaceBook like move, however, the WeAreHunted team have made it incredibly easy to keep your listening preference private by checking the “Enable Private Listening ” box in your profile.

We’ve always been huge fans of WeAreHunted. The site won “Best New Startup”, “Best Web Startup” and the “Plain Cool” award at the recent The Next Web Australia Awards, so it’s no secret we think they’re doing something very cool.

These new features take the service to a whole new level, though,  and push it into the territory of some of the big boys in online music. It will be interesting to see how that strategy works out for them.

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