PayPal inks deal to cut the time it takes for Chinese merchants to deliver overseas

PayPal inks deal to cut the time it takes for Chinese merchants to deliver overseas

Ever tried purchasing something online from a Chinese merchant and realized that it takes weeks to deliver your product — which sometimes doesn’t even arrive after all that waiting and may lead to an argument with the merchant?

PayPal is out to try to solve this issue, as it announced today that it has inked a strategic deal with one of China’s largest postal providers and the owner of the largest international mail exchange office in China — Beijing Post — to create an international logistics solution known as PayPal Package.

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Wayne Wang, the head of corporate communications at PayPal China, says: “Working with Beijing Post, our merchants in China will benefit from its mature import-export system and, ultimately, the speed of an express delivery service for the price of surface mail.”

PayPal Package lets merchants track their order delivery online, which means they get to be covered by the e-commerce giant’s seller protection policy. It also gives merchants an international delivery service for small parcels, guaranteeing that the items will be on a plane for delivery the same day that the order is received.

The new international logistics solution will improve overall shipping experience Wang says. Currently, estimates show that transporting parcels from China to the US and Europe takes 10 to 20 days.

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