Sony’s PlayStation 4 will go on sale in 5 Asian countries in December, months earlier than Japan

Sony’s PlayStation 4 will go on sale in 5 Asian countries in December, months earlier than Japan ...

Sony announced today at a press conference that its next-generation console, the PlayStation 4, will go on sale in select Asian territories in December this year, just a month after the American public and months earlier than Japan.

The countries included in the December rollout are Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea, Polygon reports, though no specific date was mentioned by Sony. The PS4 will be launched in the US on November 15 and Europe on November 29, but Japanese customers will have to wait until February 22, 2014.

Meanwhile, Sony’s PlayStation Vita TV will be released in Asian markets in January 2014, a few months after it goes on sale in Japan on November 14. Another product, the PlayStation Vita handheld console, will launch in November 2013 in Asian markets, according to CNET. Sony has revealed the device will go on sale in Japan on October 10.

No prices were mentioned for all three products in the Asian market, as it is expected that Sony will firm up prices nearing the release date. The standard version of the PS4 will be sold for $399 in the US, €399 in Europe and £349 in the UK, while the Vita TV will cost 9,480 yen in Japan (around $99). The PS Vita will cost 18,980 yen — that’s approximately US$190.

Rolling out the PS4 across Asia in December will likely give Sony an edge over its rival Microsoft, whose Xbox One will probably be released late 2014 in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and South Korea.

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Headline image via Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

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