Website-backup service Dropmysite launches new tool for firms to track employee email usage

Website-backup service Dropmysite launches new tool for firms to track employee email usage

Companies that have always wondered how employees use their work email accounts can now track all official communications going in and out of the company with a new tool launched by email back-up service Dropmyemail.

Singapore-based website and email back-up company Dropmysite, which is known best for its largest service Dropmyemail, is opening its latest product exclusively to Dropmyemail Business customers for free. The business arm of Dropmyemail is targeted at small business and enterprise users rather than consumers.

The tool, called “Email Insights”, will allow managers to identify all employees’ contacts, sieve out corporate communications versus personal emails, measure how much email has been sent and received to gauge the effectiveness of communication, and filter through emails to find specific conversations.


John Fearon, the CEO and founder of Dropmysite, says: “SMEs and MNCs alike will now have the ability to quickly sort through their email usage and act swiftly to address issues that would have been previously undetected.”

In other words, employees should be afraid (or rather, much more careful) – as anything they use their work email accounts for could get recorded and sent to their managers.

However, there is no need to fear a PRISM-like intrusion of privacy. The aim of this tool is to prevent incidents such as leaking of official information or loss of records. Peter Yu, the publicist for Dropmysite, says the administrators can only monitor official emails and can’t access personal emails at all.

“The only relevance to personal emails is when an employee is sending numerous emails to his, her or other private addresses which is a sign of possible data leakage,” he says.

Dropmysite adds that it is further developing algorithms to sort through emails that can predict fraud, spot data leakage, employee dissatisfaction, unauthorized access and more.

Two months ago, the startup landed a $250,000 investment from US accelerator 500 Startups, following an upgrade in design and functionality to its Dropmysite service. A deal with GMO Cloud in Japan early this year also saw it clinch a six-figure investment.

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